Welcome to the Infinity RMA System

The Infinity Firearms Return Material Authorization (RMA) system provides our customers with an enhanced level of service. Customers will receive the following benefits from using the on-line RMA system:

Faster in-factory Processing

The system will allow the factory to provide a fast return authorization number where appropriate. When we receive a customer package with a pre-authorized RMA number on the shipping label, it bypasses the conventional review process and goes directly to the appropriate department for action.

Package Tracking

Infinity will update your RMA record to acknowledge receipt of the package, and to inform you of the package tracking number when it is shipped back to you.

Complete on-line tracking of the entire RMA process

Every step in the process, including each communication with the factory, is archived with your RMA transaction record. All customer questions, and factory responses, are saved with your record and are available for your review at any time.

Prompt factory response

Our goal is to respond to all customer requests for RMA authorizations, or questions about existing RMAs within two business days, however, we expect that this will usually happen in one day.


Spam filters, viruses, and the nature of the Internet make email a less than 100% reliable method of communication. Once you have entered your request into the system, you can be certain that the factory has received it. Although the system will automatically send you an email every time the factory updates your RMA record, you can also view the record on-line, complete with all factory responses.

Automated response tracking

Once you have entered an RMA request, or added a question/comment to an existing RMA record, the system automatically flags your record as "waiting for a factory response". Infinity Customer Service is automatically notified any time there is an RMA record awaiting a customer response, and the only way we can clear this reminder from the system is to update the RMA record with a response.

While customers are still welcome to telephone the factory regarding an RMA in progress, doing so will not create the "permanent record" of the communication that will be generated by use of the on-line system.