Customer Service

Welcome to Infinity® Firearms Customer Service.

If you would like to get a quote on a specific gun, please use our Gunbuilder.

If you have a request for service, please use our RMA system. You are welcome to contact the factory by email or phone, however, the RMA system provides the most reliable mechanism for tracking your service request.

Infinity Firearms
71229 Interstate Hwy 20
Gordon, TX 76453

972-513-0575 (fax)

We have found most GPS systems to indicate our numerical address to be East and on the South side on I-20 than our actual location.
These are the actual coordinates to our location. Tours of the factory are not available.
Latitude 32°31'16.83"N
Longitude 98°21'1.74"W

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Please read ALL the FAQ page before emailing us, this allows us to spend more time building guns instead of answering previously answered questions.

NOTICE: Infinity firearms are custom guns, built and hand-fitted to each customer’s specific criteria. This process takes time, and orders are filled as they are received. Please remember this when placing your order. In fairness to all, there is no "jumping the line.".

Status inquiries should be made by email. This provides both you and Infinity with a written record of communications, and lets the office function at maximum efficiency.

The staff at Infinity Firearms strives to provide each customer with a professional and efficient experience, and asks the same treatment from its customers. Obscenity and other forms of abuse towards the staff will not tolerated; such abuses will result in the cancellation of the abuser’s order and the refund of funds/return of the gun.

All Gunbuilder orders are contracts under Texas law and venue, per Texas Business and Commercial Code, Title 9, Chapter 273, § 273.001 and Chapter 274, § 274.001.