Introducing TEAM SVI member:
Don Bednorz
Participating in his first IPSC match in 1988 was "the most fun I've ever had shooting." But it soon became apparent that to remain competitive, Don needed to upgrade the firearms he was using. First there was the Smith and Wesson Model 28 revolver, then a used 45 auto; but today as a Team Infinity member, Don says "I no longer have to improve my equipment - I'm using the best, Infinity."

What appeals to Don about IPSC competition is the variety, the challenge and most of all the friendships he's developed over the years. Though he also enjoys participating in 3-gun matches, Don finds IPSC requires the majority of his time and focus. As a Team Infinity member, using peerless Infinity Firearms equipment, Don competes, and competes successfully.
  • Dust Devil Classic High Senior and 2nd overall Open Class
  • High Senior Western States Single Stack Championship
  • Mystery Mountain 3 Gun Match - Match Winner Open Class, High Senior
  • Rio Salado Spring Steel - Match Winner Open Class
  • 3 Gun Nationals-4th place Overall Open Class & High Senior
  • Area 4- 3rd GM & High Senior
  • Dust Devil Classic-High Senior, 2nd place Open
  • Mystery Mountain 3 Gun-HIgh Senior & 2nd place Open
  • New Mexico 3 Gun-2nd place in Open Class & High Senior
  • New Mexico Sectionals-Match Winner Open Class & High Senior
  • Rocky Mt. 3 Gun- 2nd place Overall Open Class & High Senior
  • Spring Steel-2nd overall Open
  • Texas Paper and Iron-Match Winner Open Class & High Senior
  • Texas State 3 Gun-Match Winner Open Class & High Senior
  • 3 Gun Nationals 6th place in Open Class High Senior
  • 6th Overall In Open - Superstition Mt. Mystery 3 Gun
  • Area 4 3rd GM in Open and High Senior
  • Factory Gun Nationals-Limited 10-16th Place High Senior
  • Florida Open 9th overall in Open Class-High Senior
  • Limited Nationals- High Senior
  • Match Winner Open Class-New Mexico 3 Gun Championship
  • Match Winner Open Class-Texas State 3 Gun Championship
  • Mile High Showdown- 2nd place Open Class
  • NE Arizona Challenge 2nd Overall Open Class- High Senior
  • NM Sectional Champion Open Class
  • Open Nationals- High Senior
  • Rocky Mountain 3 Gun- 2nd place Open Class
  • Texas Paper and Iron-Match Winner
  • 3 Gun Nationals - 5th overall Open Class
  • Area 2 - 6th Place in Open Class
  • Area 4 - 5th overall Open Class
  • Factory Gun Nationals - 10th overall Limited 10
  • Florida Open - 5th place overall Open Class
  • Infinity Open - 6th overall in Open Class
  • Mystery Mountain 3 Gun - 2nd overall Open Class
  • New Mexico Sectionals - Match Winner Open Class
  • Race Gun Nationals- 11th overall in Open Class
  • Tennessee Tactical 3 Gun Match - 3rd overall
  • Texas Paper and Iron - Match Winner
  • Mile HIgh Championship - High Open
  • Area 4 Champtionship 9th
  • Arizona State Match 4th
  • Mile HIgh Championship - High Open
  • New Mexico Sectional 2nd
  • SOF 3 Gun 16th
  • SOF 3 Gun Spring Match 8th
  • Texas Paper & Iron 3rd
  • USPSA 3 Gun Nationals 5th
  • USPSA Area 2 Championship 9th
  • USPSA Open Nationals 19th

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