Infinity® Firearms Traditional Frame Magazine Well

(Patent and Trademark pending)

CAUTION: Always wear eye protection when disassembling or re-assembling a firearm. Even if you don't plan on working on a portion of the firearm with a compressed spring, proper eyewear provides an extra margin of safety in the event you unintentionally release a compressed spring.

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The Infinity Firearms® Magazine well available for traditional single stack 1911 pattern guns demonstrates that it is possible to build a better mousetrap.

This magazine well attaches to the firearm by means of a specially machined mainspring housing. The lower front portion of the mainspring housing is machined to allow a projection from the magazine well to interlock around the mainspring housing retaining pin.

Two specially designed bolts "snug up" the mainspring housing are fully captive, which provides a few benefits:

Removal Instructions

Attachment Instructions

1 - This write up assumes that the reader is already familiar with the procedure for installing the mainspring into the mainspring housing prior to assembly. If you are simply removing and then re-installing an existing Infinity® Traditional Single Stack Magazine Well, the mainspring housing will already contain the mainspring. If you are installing a new mainspring housing, and need to install the mainspring, please consult a reference on 1911 gunsmithing, and re-read the note at the top about eye protection before proceeding.