The TIKI-T Titanium Handgun

Tiki, the embodiment of the Polynesian god of creation; T, symbolic of the all-titanium construction Infinity Firearms announces the availability of the all new, all-titanium TIKI-T. Marrying the legendary properties of titanium's lightweight strength with the cutting-edge innovations you've come to expect from the Infinity designers, TIKI-T is redefining the industry parameters for performance, endurance and aesthetics in handgun design.

Infinity Firearms provides sporting competitors with greater high capacity frames, hybrid and tribrid barrel systems for reduced coil, tri-glide trigger systems, interchangeable breechface slides, interchangeable trigger systems, and many more patented components - all incorporated in the new TIKI-T. Many of the design elements are achieved using state-of-the-art Cad/Cam and solid modeling techniques that are fed through DNC (Direct Numerical Control) to sophisticated CNC equipment. The final testing of TIKI-T for repeatability and accuracy is accomplished via a newly designed CMM (Convergence Measuring Machine) The CMM is a highly accurate system with statistical Cpk values that adds minimum noise to the testing of firearms. Unlike conventional rests, this system is designed to indicate the exact capability of the barrel or pistol. A very good shooter could outshoot conventional rests; this, however, cannot happen with a CMM.

No shortcuts are taken and no compromises made with the TIKI-T. Titanium components are fully machined from aircraft grade titanium alloys. No castings are or will ever be used to produce a pistol of TIKI-T's superior performance deliverability. Infinity designers employ different titanium alloys in the manufacture of their components. Alpha alloys are used for parts that require greater malleability. Beta alloys are incorporated in areas requiring greater hardness and Alpha-Beta alloys are used where strength and flexibility are desirable. All the titanium alloys used offer superior corrosion resistance and integrity in the most extreme temperatures.

The TIKI-T is manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and constructed from all- titanium components. In the end, it's those components that ensure the TIKI-T is unrivaled. One of those exclusive features is the patent-pending sighting system. The slide incorporates a day and night sighting system that allows for extremely quick and accurate acquisition of the target. The extremely low profile of the system is accomplished by a special slide profile where the top of the slide is machined at the point of aim (barrel lock angle). Consider also the tritium system. The four-dot system is hidden in deep pockets and is viewable by the user only along channels from the rear of the slide to the front. These channels are ergonomically positioned to the user's focal point. This four-dot system enabled the designers to include a hybrid barrel for recoil reduction and muzzle control. A center channel from the rear of the slide to the muzzle is the daylight sighting system ensuring target acquisition is immediate with a wide viewing area. Other features that cannot be found on any other product, but are standard with the TIKI-T include a slide with a removable breechface for quick and cost-effective caliber changes; an interchangeable trigger system that allows the user to quickly and inexpensively customize a pistol's ergonomics (hand size, finger length); an ultra low ejection port for increased ejection reliability; precision matched radial lugs in the barrel and slide for extended life and continued high accuracy; and panel-cut gripping serrations for improved gripping of the slide with cold hands or gloves. Last, but certainly not least, is a new tool steel inserted rail system (patent pending), unique in that it controls all four degrees of freedom of motion. The hardened tool steel inserts are locked in place by special geometry, but are removable with simple tools for maintenance, if required.

State-of-the art manufacturing, exclusive patented components , and still Infinity Firearms delivers more. There are the artistically scrolled grip screws designed with a spline found only in the most expensive knives and fully heat-treated for long life and dependability. The dust cover of the frame is extended to the end of the slide giving the pistol a full-bodied look that has been the trademark of Infinity pistols in the competition circuit for the past three years. Additionally, the pistol is available in a natural finish or the same PVD coating used on the large telescopic mirrors used by observatories - a process that applied an extremely thin but hard finish that mimics the natural warm glow of titanium for the ultimate protection from the wear of holstering and handling.

TIKI-T: a legend in handgun performance, innovation and aesthetics is born.